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We strive to provide the most comprehensive estate liquidation services, and from start to finish we maintain trustworthy and professional services. No matter what your circumstances are, from a death in the family to downsizing, we offer a variety of different services to fit your needs.  Call or email to schedule your free consultation to get things started.  We encourage you to contact us when you first think you will need our services. While we try to work within your time frames our dates can fill up fast and a last-minute sale is not always possible.  If you are listing the home, contacting us right away will help us better serve you. 

What Is an Estate Sale?

An Estate sale is the liquidation of all the personal property in the home. We can sell everything from cleaning products, lawn and garden chemicals to high-end furniture. 

How do I prepare for an Estate Sale?

We recommend allowing any family who has an interest or would like to retain anything in the home be allowed to do so before we start, and those items be removed from the home.  Other than that, Nothing! We do recommend that you not throw anything away or donate anything prior to the sale because every dollar counts.  

Fees and Expenses

Our fee for providing this service varies, and will be discussed during the consultation. We also offer box-up and donation service at the end of your sale as well as garbage removal at an additional cost, leaving you with an empty home. 

Please feel free to call (509)540-9513 or email us to set up your free consultation. 

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