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1. We will be limiting the number of people into the sale at a time.  The number of people will depend on the size of the property and will change for each sale.

          A.  There will be a signup list available at the property  1 hour prior to the sale start time (First day of the sale only.)  When it is                  your turn to enter, we will call your name.  You must be present when your name is called. 

         B. You can sign up a MAX of 2 people in your slot. All people in your party must be present or they will go to the end of the list. 


2. For your shopping convenience, we will have a hold area attendant where you can place the items that you wish to purchase.  

3.  There is no public bathroom for customer use.

4. Large items purchased must be picked up by Saturday at 12. 

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