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3039 Canyon View Ct.  Walla Walla
Off Kendall Rd. 
Thursday June 1, 3pm-6pm
Friday June 2, 9am-1pm
Saturday June 3, 9am-12pm (Discount Day)
Sign up (Thursday Only) Sign up is available at 2pm.
Sign up is available on site, at the property only
Max capacity is 25 people 


Things to know about this weekends sale.

1. Parking is on Kendall Rd only. We will have handicapped parking and drop-off available for our customers who can't walk that far.

2. Sign-up will be at 2pm. No entering the private lane prior to 2 pm. Sign up sheet will be on Kendall Rd.

3. This property is strictly no shoes! We won't even have booties.

4. We kindly ask you to leave your children at home, you break it you buy it and I bet you won't want to do that.

5. Many items have been appraised and appraisal value will be available.

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