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Upcoming Sales

May 9-11, Walla Walla
May 16-18, Walla Walla
June 6-8, Walla Walla
June 13-15, Walla Walla
June 20-22 Walla Walla

What to expect at our sales:

Prior to the sale:

The address for the current estate sale will be posted to our Facebook page at 8 AM the Wednesday before the sale starts. Emails go out to our subscribers every Tuesday.  The address will be published in the Walla Walla Union Bulletin the Wednesday before the sale starts.   We will post previews of the upcoming sale to Facebook throughout the week.  These photos are for preview ONLY.  If we pre-sale any items, they will be clearly marked PRE-SALE.  Pre-sale offerings are always posted to the Facebook page first.  We will not answer questions about item pricing, we will NOT hold any items. All items must be purchased on-site during the hours of the sale.

Questions regarding items at our upcoming sale:

If you message us to ask about specific items in an upcoming sale,  we will do our best to answer your questions;  however, we may not know more than what is already posted online. We do not give out pricing prior to opening a sale, and our set-up staff may not remember the condition or size of an item from one of the three houses they visit over the span of a week. Once the sale has opened, please understand that the shoppers at our sale are our first priority and we will not hold items based on a phone call or Facebook message. Frankly, our sale days are too busy and your best bet is to make arrangements to attend the sale.

Entry to the sale:

We will have a sign up sheet at the front starting 1 hour before the sale start time. You are allowed to sign up a MAX of 2 people under your reservation. All people must be present when you are called. If they are not present they will need to sign up on the list when they arrive.  We then ask that your return to your car to wait.  When it is your turn to enter the sale you will receive a call or a text.   We ask that you do not enter the premises of the property.  If you are found to have entered the property prior to the sale opening, you will be trespassing and denied entry to the sale.   

Shopping the Sale:

After entering the sale, you will find a variety of items available for purchase. If you see an item you want, pick it up and keep it with you if it is small enough to carry. We do offer a holding area for your items.     Please only place items in the holding area that you intend to purchase.   For larger items, there is a 2 ticket SOLD procedure.  Simply pull the top tag and the bottom tag indicates the item is sold.  Please bring the top tag to the front to purchase.  You are responsible for scheduling a pick-up of your item during sale hours. Please inspect and test items you wish to purchase. All items are sold as-is. We offer no guarantees, refunds or exchanges once an item has been purchased.  Discounts are not given on the first day of the sale.  the last day of the sale is the deep discount day with discounts of 50% off or more.

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